Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

What is a Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)?

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) is an evaluation of a prospective employee’s ability to perform the physical demands of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. A job offer can be made contingent upon successful completion of the POET. This test is based on the essential demands of a job. Once this test has been established for a given position, it can be used for “Fit for Duty Testing” prior to a worker returning to a job after an injury to ensure the work can be performed safely. Utilizing this form of testing can ensure that the company’s work force is capable and safe in performing the required physical demands of the job.

When should a company consider POETs? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you having injuries within the first 6 months of hire?
  • Do employees leave the job because “it’s too hard”?
  • Do you have an aging work force?

How will POETs benefit my company?

  • Reduce injuries/decrease w/c costs
  • Promote worker safety
  • Identify individuals not capable of performing heavy demands of job
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level positions that are physically demanding
  • Improve retention-employees aware of job requirements before starting a job
  • Provide information to determine physical capacity for job transfers