Job Demands Analysis

What is a Job Demands Analysis?

A job demands analysis is an objective measurement of the physical demands of the job in order to create a functional job description. Utilizing proper Department of Labor (DOL) terminology, job requirements are quantified such as manual material handling demands (weights lifted and forces exerted), static position requirements, dynamic mobility required and other occupational aptitudes. This information can be utilized to establish ADA compliant job descriptions and to define the essential functions of the job. Essential functions are what the employee must be able to do with or without providing accommodations. We also identify any personal protective equipment (PPE), working conditions and equipment or tools utilized.

When should a JDA be used? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are our job descriptions ADA compliant?
  • How do we know what strength is required to do the job?
  • How can we safely accommodate restrictions or place employees in light duty?

How would a JDA benefit my company?

  • Establish essential functions required to do the job
  • Employees/new hires informed/aware of job demands