Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)?

An FCE is a comprehensive series of functional tests that objectively measures a client’s physical abilities. At Drayer Physical Therapy Institute®, we use ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Evaluation, which has been studied for reliability and validity, with the results published in peer reviewed literature. This means that you get results that you can trust. FCEs can last anywhere from 2-4 hours and are designed to determine functional abilities, restrictions, if needed, and endurance for tolerating the workday.

When should an FCE be used?

An FCE can occur anytime; however, some of the more common uses are:

  • End of a sub-acute phase
  • Case settlement
  • Establish baseline for work conditioning
  • Post-offer employment testing

When should an FCE be used?

An FCE can aid the physician’s ability to evaluate medical impairments, provide baseline for treatment and establish safe physical abilities for making return-to-work decisions. For a worker’s compensation carrier, an FCE can confirm an injury and be used to assist in case resolution. For an employer, and FCE can help return an employee back to work safely, providing data for ergonomic interventions and possible job modifications.