SERC Physical Therapy Partners with General Cable to Offer Onsite First Aid Services

Oct 25

SERC Physical Therapy has partnered with General Cable to offer on-site first-aid services in order to improve and maintain workers’ health and wellness.

This will provide employees convenient access to care by a licensed physical therapist at no cost to the employee.

Brandon Fletcher, DPT, ATC, MBA, will treat workers as needed. He treats a variety of conditions, including back pain, neck pain and knee pain. He also provides concussion recovery and strength and performance training.

On-site accessibility to healthcare allows for immediate access to care and can reduce overall health care costs for both the employee and employer.

On-site care can also decrease the over prescription of opioid medication; it allows access to pain relief that address the issue at the source.

Fletcher graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Mo. and has worked with the school district in Odessa as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Fletcher sits on the board as secretary of the Northwest District Missouri Physical Therapy Association and serves as a Clinical Preceptor for the athletic training program at the University of Central Missouri.